Participating Partners

The consortium of MeSAF ensembles suppliers, experts and end-users from across and closing the value chain from production to offtake: renewable ressources and e-Methanol provider, European Energy; catalyst-technology provider Vertimass, and end-users Kosangas and Aalborg Airport. The partnership group includes also Port of Aalborg where the plant will be located, for expert advising department of Energy from Aalborg University and Hydrogen Valley for dissemination and communication.

European Energy A/S develops, finances, establishes and operates solar and wind farms as well as large-scale Power-to-x plants. European Energy is based in Denmark with activities in Europe, Brazil, the US and Australia. The company has integrated REIntegrate, which is behind the construction of Denmark’s first e-methanol plant. European Energy is planning a PtX plant for the production of sustainable e-methanol in the Aalborg Harbor business park, which is expected to be able to produce around 100,000 tonnes of e-methanol annually and by that be able to contribute significantly to the scaling up in production of green aviation fuels.

Vertimass specialises in the development of technology for the production of sustainable fuels for the transport sector. The US-owned company has developed a catalyst for the processing of ethanol and methanol into aviation fuel.

Kosan Gas is the market leading distributor of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) gas for the Danish and Nordic markets. The company is owned by UGI Corporation.

Aalborg University’s Department of Energy Technology conducts research into the development of technologies and solutions for the energy supply and consumption of the future, focusing on the use of renewable sources and the establishment of synergy between sectors.

Aalborg Airport is Denmark’s third largest airport and constitutes a busy traffic hub for both transport of passengers and cargo. The airport handles a significant part of the flight-based domestic traffic, which according to a political wish must be introduced to a green route no later than 2025.

Port of Aalborg is as one of Denmark’s largest commercial ports, engaged in the development of supply facilities based on green fuels for the transport sector. Among other things, Port of Aalborg is working thorough the COâ‚‚Vision project to establish a test area soon to become the home of Denmark’s first e-methanol plant, which will be moved from Aalborg University to the port.


Hydrogen Valley is with its comprehensive technical and commercial knowledge within Power-to-X and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage responsible for dissemination of the progress and results of the project.